Our Approach

We believe every couple deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and celebrated in their relationship, whether you've just gotten engaged or you've been married for 30 years. That means we want to get to know you—we want to meet over coffee (or drinks), we want to hear how you first met, and we want to know all about the little details that make your story your own.

We are here to capture you and your love as it flows naturally throughout the day or session⁠which is a fancy way to say we focus on photographing moments as they candidly happen (but don't worry; we'll help you know what to do with your hands).

When your wedding day comes, we are right by your side. When you laugh, we laugh. If you cry, we'll probably cry. If your grandpa cries, we'll definitely cry. Don't be surprised when we remind you to take deep breaths, stand up straight, or—our personal favorite—to hydrate.

Our hope is to provide you with a beginning-to-end memory of your wedding day, full of laughter, tears, kisses, toasts, and little moments you'll want to remember.

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grainy grayscale photo of bride and groom walking down a forest path
black and white close-up of married couple's rings on wedding day